Highlands Latin Cottage School - Kennebec Valley

Neatness in outer dress and appearance reflects inner focus and discipline.

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Neatness in outer dress and appearance reflects inner focus and discipline.
At Highlands Kennebec Valley, we love the benefits that unity in dress brings to our school. Our uniform policy aims to foster academic focus, the development of our unique school culture, and a feeling of dignity and belonging in each student.
Our dress code is simple and straightforward. We believe that how students dress has the potential to directly impact learning for all. We request the following:
  • Bottoms:
    • Students may wear grey or navy pants,
    • Bermuda shorts (no jeans, spandex leggings, or athletic wear).
    • Girls may also wear “skorts” / scooters, jumper dresses, or polo style dresses in solid colors - either grey or navy with a hem no higher than 4 inches above the knee, and shorts underneath.​
  • Tops:
    • Students may wear solid-colored polo shirts in grey, navy, red, white, or light blue.
    • Students may also wear a white Peter Pan collar blouse (girls)
    • Students may also wear a white button-down shirt (boys).
    • Short and long sleeves are both okay.
    • Square bottomed shirts may be worn untucked.
    • If shirts are tucked in, students should wear a dark, solid-colored belt.
  • Additional requirements:
    • Sweaters must be solid colored with no logos, emblems, or messages written on them.
    • Closed-toed shoes only.
    • No athletic clothing, denim, or hats are permitted.
    • Hair should be brushed and arranged neatly. No unnatural colors.
    • Girls may wear subdued-colored nail polish. 
    • Students from JK through the 6th grade may not wear makeup.
    • Jewelry should be minimal and not distracting.
    • Boys may not have piercings and may not wear makeup or jewelry.
There are many affordable options that fit our uniform policy. 
Clothes may be purchased at any retailer selected by the family.
There will also be an account established with French Toast for the
convenience of parents, and a Highlands Latin Cottage School polo shirt
with our crest will be available for purchase. If you would like to order a plaid
dress, skirt, or skort, the only approved plaid is the houndstooth on the official HLS uniform website
Uniforms can be made more affordable by having students wear the same clothes every week. 
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