Children are like sponges soaking up their environmental cues and experiences at a rapid pace.  It is with this knowledge that our teachers direct students in a variety of lessons aimed at taking advantage of their natural curiosity and developing memories.

Students are engaged in a variety of activities to advance their fine and gross motor skills, social-emotional strength, handwriting, number sense, word recognition, and memory work.

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Children are like little sponges! They soak up information rapidly from the world around them.  Our excellent preschool teachers capitalize on this natural curiosity, providing a wide variety of lessons to challenge and engage their developing minds.

Throughout the school year, these lessons develop gross and fine motor skills, social-emotional strength, handwriting, number sense, word recognition, and memory work.



  • Learn alphabet: upper and lower case

  • Recognize single sounds and whole words

  • Narrate classic children's stories

  • Memorize nursery rhymes

  • Build vocabulary

  • Boost listening skills


  • Print legible letters and numbers 

  • Learn proper pencil grip

  • Recognize, spell, and write first name


  • Identify numerals 1 to 10

  • Sort items by shape, size, and pattern

  • Distinguish between Same/Different and More/Less

  • Study time-related concepts such as Day/Night


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Gross Motor Skills:

  • Gym once a week

  • Outside recess daily (weather permitting)

  • Active play for inside recess


Social Skills:

  • Practice problem-solving skills in social situations

  • Use manners: please, thank you, excuse me, table manners

  • Share and communicate with respect 

  • Memorize personal information:(name, address, etc) 

  • Explore types of work, workers, and transportation

In addition, we look forward to offering events such as a Christmas concert and community projects to help those in need.


  • Explore the world through the five senses and nature walks

  • Observe seasonal weather and plant life 

  • Identify basic colors and explore color mixing

  • Investigate animals, plants, and insects


Creative Arts:

  • Explore a variety of art processes

  • Sing traditional songs and hymns 

  • Create music using children’s instruments



  • Recognize that the natural world is God’s creation

  • Appreciate that God created families 

  • Be acquainted with age-appropriate Bible stories

  • Learn and practice the Golden Rule

  • Pray aloud before school and before snack