You arrived here because you care. You have a youngster who is precious, and you are not willing to surrender this precious gift to just any preschool. Well, we are not just any preschool - We are a classical preschool! Welcome!




3-Day and 5-Day Options available  | 7:30 am - 11:00 am

Extended Day Enrichment | 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

In a happy, healthy, safe, and nurturing Christian environment, our enthusiastic and committed staff, led by a qualified teacher, will help your child develop the habits, attitudes, and skills necessary to succeed in kindergarten and on into first grade. 

Preschool children learn primarily through play and exploration. They're learning about numbers, shapes, colors, and letters of the alphabet. They’re also learning social skills and how to interact, play, and share with others.

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Highlands Latin School

363 Route 3

South China, ME 04358

*COVID Concerns - See Below

Here at Highlands, our Classical Preschool students are taking their first steps in building a strong foundation on which all future learning will rest.

Students are engaged in a variety of activities to advance their fine and gross motor skills,

social-emotional strength, handwriting, number sense, word recognition, and memory work.



  • Learn alphabet: upper and lower case

  • Recognize single sounds and whole words

  • Narrate classic children's stories

  • Memorize nursery rhymes

  • Build vocabulary

  • Boost listening skills


  • Print legible letters and numbers 

  • Learn proper pencil grip

  • Recognize, spell, and write first name


  • Identify numerals 1 to 10

  • Sort items by shape, size, and pattern

  • Distinguish between Same/Different and More/Less

  • Study time-related concepts such as Day/Night


HLS Preschool - An Extraordinarily Joyful Education

Literature is at the heart of our program. Extraordinary books have been hand-selected by our curriculum provider, Memoria Press, and used in conjunction with themed lessons. These timeless classics inspire students to engage, create, and learn while igniting in them a love of reading. Weekly themes cover a variety of topics from science and geography to culture and character building. Parallel themes will be used throughout the week to provide a backdrop for other enrichment classes like art and music.

  • Learning Centers
    Daily opportunities to participate in developmentally-appropriate activities that help children learn new skills or practice existing skills in a fun, imaginative, engaging, and supportive learning environment.

  • Art Appreciation
    Preschoolers will increase their observation skills as they discover and imitate famous artists and their works of art.

  • Interactive Read Aloud
    Purposeful and planned story time encourages preschoolers to actively participate by asking and answering questions and making predictions.

  • Music/Choir
    Paired with a favorite book, singing, chanting, playing, and moving with rhythm instruments and vocal exploration enhance story-telling activities. Students will learn and memorize patriotic songs and Christian hymns.

  • Recess

       Encourages healthy habits and a positive attitude toward

       physical exercise through fun and active play. 


If COVID 19 spikes during the upcoming school year, we will do our best to continue educating students at school.

We will

  • follow all guidelines established by the CDC to keep staff and students safe

  • keep the class size for each teacher below 9, as groups of 10 are allowed to meet during the shutdown

  • keep students spread out over three floors to allow proper physical distancing