New This Year - Preschool for students 3-5 years old

The foundation of a classical education is the cultivation of wonder and an appreciation for language. Therefore, in a natural and intentional way, our preschool teachers invite students, through great literature, to find the good,

the true, and the beautiful in their own lives and in the world around them.


Because language skills develop quickly in the preschooler, it is important for teachers and parents to read to the child and talk with the child often throughout the day.  At this age, they are developing quickly in so many different ways and reaching milestones in how they play, learn, speak, behave, and move. A preschooler's brain is incredibly sensitive to external stimuli as it wires itself in response to his or her environment. This plasticity means children are like sponges soaking up their environmental cues and experiences at a rapid pace.  It is with this knowledge that our teachers direct students in a variety of lessons aimed at taking advantage of their natural curiosity and developing memories.

Students are engaged in a variety of activities to advance their fine and gross motor skills, social-emotional strength, handwriting, number sense, word recognition, and memory work.

Cultivating joy, wonder, and beauty in a literary rich environment encourages deeper thinking and enlivens a child's natural curiosity. How can we encourage your child today to know the truth, goodness, and beauty of the wonder and joy in our preschoolers  Rich, meaningful play Explore the wonders of nature When reading to children, choose beautifully illustrated non-fiction books to help them discover the wonders of science, history, and nature. Read lovely children’s poetry to attune your child to the beauty of language and metaphor. Dive into high-quality children’s fiction that rouses imagination and encourages deeper thinking, sparking your child’s intellectual curiosity. Limit technology. Technology can be a wonderful tool for researching new topics and answering questions. Well-chosen movies can inspire a sense of wonder and joy. Yet, technology used indiscriminately can dull the imagination  Cultivate beauty. Incorporate rituals and traditions that nurture beauty, wonder, and peace.

Joy and wonder isn’t a luxury for children, but a necessity. Small moments of joy and a feeling of wonder can give children meaning in a sometimes chaotic world, building a sense of “rightness” and resilience from which they can draw in the years to come. 

Play and Learn (PAL) is the last program of the day. PAL includes time to enjoy a snack and the opportunity to learn and practice manners. Students will have time to finish homework, listen to a story, and play a variety of learning games before going home for the day.

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