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Located at Grace Academy in South China


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We have partnered with a full-time school in Louisville, KY called Highlands Latin School. They are our model school. Their dedication to a classical, Christian, traditional education is profound and their results are amazing, so we seek to emulate them as closely as possible.
Parents who choose Highlands wish to classically educate their children with a Christian worldview and at the same time wish to remain the primary educators and influencers in their children’s lives.
Fall 2020 we are offering Highlands’ primary school program for students from Junior Kindergarten to 2nd grade. School starts September 8th and will meet each Tuesday of the academic year from 8:30 am - 11:30 am for academics and 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm for enrichment. This will be a drop-off program for the youngsters, allowing parents the time they need to prepare weekly lessons for their older children.
Make an appointment to discuss your child's educational choices, view materials, and ask questions. Registration ends on August 10th. Here is a video detailing the philosophy and benefits of a Highlands education.

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Highlands Latin is an organization dedicated to the establishment and growth of classical Christian schools. With campuses across the country, students meet one to four days a week for a teacher-led, traditional classroom experience.
At Highlands Latin Cottage School, we strive to emulate their enduring example of excellence in academic achievement, virtuous conduct, and Christian values.

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