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 Open     2020-2021

Enrollment NOW

Welcome Homeschoolers!

To Teach, To Delight, To Move

A Memoria Press Classical Curriculum Homeschool Tutorial Cottage School

Highlands Latin Cottage School



You will need to fill out an application for each student applying. The application fee

is $10.00 per student.  Applications are now being accepted for the 2020-2021 school year.

Click here to APPLY!



In order to determine if the environment and curriculum will be effective for both parties involved, a student assessment and family interview will be scheduled once your application has been received.


Once your interview is complete, we will notify you about your enrollment status.  Placement is not guaranteed until you receive notification of admission and we receive your enrollment fee of

$50 per student.

Admissions Process

Homeschool admission into our cottage school is a 3-step process.  We work hard to ensure our school is the most effective educational environment for all students enrolled.  We review all applications, assess students, and interview families to make sure we can create the best partnerships possible.

Uniform Policy & Code of Conduct
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